Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day!

We had a really fabulous Labor Day Holiday! It was very fun to have an extra day with Ty. We left just after 1 to meet some friends for an afternoon of skeet shooting. This is what Max and Mia looked like when we arrived.

They were both soon awake and eager to watch all of the manly men and brave women shoot their firearms. We made all the kids wear earplugs so that they would not go deaf.
I found an old bird's nest in a tree and we took it down to investigate. Mia thought it was very fascinating, but she was concerned about the lack of birds in the nest.
Ty looking super sexy with camo pants and a big gun.
Me looking very round with a big gun.
After the shootout we decided to have a cookout. Our friend Blake makes the best steaks so that is what he brought. Rob and Lisa brought fresh tomatoes from their garden and a pie. Ty and I brought corn on the cob. There was root beer, beans, salad, and brownies. It was all very delicious and very fun. It was a great day!
(A little live action from the shooting at the tobacco fields)

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Jamison said...

I think that Ty looks more pregnant than you do in these pictures!