Saturday, September 19, 2009


We were all up early this morning to get ready for Max's soccer game and pictures. We were so sad to learn that both were cancelled because of the rain. We decided to head to the Amish country store and bakery in Guthrie, Kentucky. (Because Kentucky is a happening place to be!)
I wanted to go to the country store because I was almost completely out of spices and this particular store sells them in huge amounts for the best prices! I had so much fun shopping. I am so excited for holiday baking!
After the store we went to Schlabach's Bakery. They have the best fried apple pies ever!
On our way out of Guthrie we stopped at this little Barbeque place. It was some of the best BBQ I have ever eaten! We ate outside and the kids were super excited by what they saw next door.
An enormous cow! Is there any better way to advertise a store that sells lottery tickets? I think not.

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Braden said...

What a fun day. You guys find the coolest places to eat.