Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Update

Singing time went well today. We combined the junior and senior primary classes and I took the entire first hour. It was loud! 
The kids loved the fishing game. Next week I am going to try something a little more mellow, because I am exhausted! 
I guess singing can be exhausting for everyone. I was leading the kids in "Called to Serve", when I looked over at Mia and she was sound asleep on her chair! 
Zackary did well in nursery. I am so glad! I hate to hear that he was sad.
Max has a great friend named Ian in his class. They always sit together. They both have bright blue eyes and they are just too cute. I hope their friendship continues.
Ty is teaching the deacon's quorum now. He loves working with the young men. He is looking forward to taking Max on all of the campouts with him.
This afternoon we are enjoying the sunshine and making some homeade pizza for dinner. 
Happy Sunday!

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