Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mother's Day

It has been a wonderful Saturday!
Ty had to work so I took the kids to Redlands to visit my parents and play for the day. We spent the morning picking strawberries and sweet peas. Nothing is better than fresh fruits and veggies from the garden! Mia and Zackary fed the fish. Zackary loves to see the little fish swim to the surface to eat. He gets so excited! Poor little guy needs a puppy!
We went for a walk with the Barbie Jeep Power Wheel that my mom picked up in her travels. There is nothing cuter than Max driving along with little Mia sitting happily as a passenger.
My mom and I went to Trader Joe's to buy Mother's Day goodies for the Grandmas. We picked out little cakes and chocolates, fancy canned fruit and cheese. I haven't been to Trader Joe's since we moved so I was able to stock up on some favorites as well. We came home and made beautiful Mother's Day baskets to give.
The kids went for a swim while I packed up the car.
It was such a nice visit. The perfect precursor to my Mother's Day! I was glad to spend it with my kids and my mom. Nothing makes a day better than doing fun things with the people you love!
Tonight I am getting ready for music time tomorrow and putting off cleaning my bathrooms!
Maybe tomorrow someone will bring me breakfast in bed, or maybe if I make everyone breakfast I can sit down in my bed and pretend someone brought it to me!
Either way it's Mother's Day weekend. I have a great mom. I am trying to be a great mom. There is reason to celebrate. Happy Mother's Day!

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6L's said...

you ARE a great mom! :)