Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

 It has been a great day for me so far!
Ty has been amazing. I love him so much! Max made me a special gift at school last week and this morning I got to open it. There were cards and dark chocolate.
I love having the opportunity to be a mom. I love my little ones. Here they all are after getting dressed for church today.
 I love Max. He is so smart and so much fun.
He is at a great age. He is a big helper to me too!
 Zack puts the rest of the family to shame in his cute little suit.
He was snacking on cheese nips and watching Blue's Clues so he couldn't really be bothered with me.
 I love this little man!
 Here is my beautiful little miss Mia.
She is the perfect little girl.
You can argue all you like, but I will never change my mind about her!
Now we are off to church where I am going to attempt to lead the primary in singing Mother's Day songs they hardly know in sacrament meeting!

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Jessica Newman said...

You are a terrific mom! & You've got wonderful children! -and they're total cuties!!