Tuesday, January 31, 2012


1. I made THESE cookies today. Instead of Hazelnuts I used almonds and made my very own almond butter in my food processor. It was awesome and the cookies are delish.

2. Yesterday Zoey had her 2 month check-up at the doctor. She weighed 11 pounds! That is almost double her birth weight of 6 pounds 3 ounces. She is doing great!

3. We had friends over for pizza and FHE last night. We never really made it to the lesson, but we had a grand time :)

4. Max celebrated the 100th day of school. I asked him what they did in class and he said they ate cinnamon rolls and he shoved the entire thing in his mouth at once. I have no idea what that has to do with 100, but oh well.

5. We are planning a trip up the coast to San Francisco for spring break and I can't wait! So far the fun includes; biking in Santa Barbara, visiting the aquarium in Monterey, and Ghiradelli and Alcatraz in San Fran!

Happy Tuesday!

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Alayna said...

Jessica...you MUST go to the Ferry Building or Ferry Plaza whatever they call it now. Foodie central! You'll love it. They have a bread shop with amazing baguettes, fresh cheese, scharffenburger chocolate, a burger place with amazing milk shakes, miette, and ciao bella gelato...and many more! It's a must and the cable cars that run up market street should take you right there! You may also want to check into getting public transportation passes at city hall which will work on the subway, busses, and street cars I think. Much more affordable if you don't drive everywhere! Have fun! I'm jealous! ;)