Friday, January 27, 2012

NY Times

Have you tried THESE chocolate chip cookies that the New York Times claims to be the BEST??
I put it off for quite a while, because of the ingredient list and chill time that the dough requires. I finally gave in and made a batch. They really are awesome! I would recommend keeping the dough in the fridge and baking up a few cookies anytime you need a fix, or if you are feeling giving, anytime a neighbor or friend needs a few!

(BTW: my little camera is out of batteries until I can make it to the store. Hopefully later today, because we need diapers as well!)

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6L's said...

sounds similar to the recipe i sent you awhile back, but they have toasted pecans...oh YUM! totally worth the chilling process and special ingredients! i'm totally with you on keeping it in the fridge for emergencies. :) the recipe i used made 4 rolls so i'd just bake 1 roll at a time. the first roll, of course, didn't get the chill time, lol.