Saturday, October 8, 2011


Just a Few Things!

1. It is a gorgeous day in Southern California! We have the windows open to let the fresh air and sunshine in.

2. I took Max shopping this morning for some long pants. The ones he had were just a little too short or just a little too big. We found some great pairs and now he can be styling at school on Monday.

3. I bought a box of Ghiradelli brownie mix for us to make today. I have been craving brownies and sometimes it is safest to go with the mix when you need a guarantee. (Ghiradelli is my favorite brand of brownie mix!)

4. I picked out a going home outfit for baby Zoey the other day. 8 more weeks!

5. I pulled out my scentsy burner this morning and I am loving the spiced apple cider smell that is filling the house!

6. Ty and I got to go out last night and enjoy an awesome dinner all by ourselves. (Thanks to our fabulous friends for watching the kiddos!)

7. We watched Soul Surfer this week with the kids and everyone loved it! Mia didn't really understand what was going on and about 20 minutes after the shark attack scene she asked me what happened to the girl's arm. I told her that the shark bit it off. She covered her face with her hands and said, "Oh No!" It was so cute!

8. Zackary has decided he really likes Clifford. Too bad we only have one Clifford movie to watch over and over again. Mia has decided that she loves Barney. I asked her why and she told me that Barney loves everyone so I guess I can't argue with that!

9. Ty is on call for the next 24 hours so we will be staying close to home and enjoying this beautiful day!

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