Saturday, October 15, 2011


 We decided to take off this morning and drive to the mountains.
 We stopped at this little lake and had ourselves a nice explore.
 It was beautiful and the weather was lovely.
 The kids really enjoyed it. They are not the best hikers in the world, but no one complained while we were out today.
 Ty keeps insisting we need more pictures of me.
 So here is the proof that I was there too.
Now on to everyone else!
 Max enjoying the view.
 It really was beautiful.
 The kids collected pine cones and acorns. Mia threw her pine cones into the lake. She saved a special "baby" acorn to bring home with her. Sadly the baby acorn was lost on the way back. Mia was sad, but I promised we would find more acorns next time!
After our time in the great outdoors we drove into downtown Idyllwild. It reminded Ty and I of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. There were all sorts of little shops and galleries. We found a little candy shop and let the kids pick out some treats.
 We had lunch at the Idyllwild Gourmet Pizza Shop. It was really delicious. Ty and I are  always looking for seriously good pizza and this place was awesome!
 Everyone had root beer to drink. It is the perfect accompaniment to good pizza.
 After lunch we stopped by a little playground so the kids could run around.
 This teeter-totter was super fun.
After all of our play we headed down the mountain. All three kids fell asleep on the way home. We loved our little Idyllwild getaway!

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