Friday, October 14, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

 We spent the morning at the Live Oak Canyon Pumpkin Patch in Yucaipa. We met my mom there and had an awesome time.
 There were hay bales and corn stalks and pumpkins. All sorts of things to help put us in the pumpkin patch/fall type of mood.
 Max the scarecrow.
 We started out at the petting zoo. It was full of adorable baby goats!
 When baby goats are around the big goats get very little attention.
 Mia and Zack loved these little guys.

 There were a few turkeys thrown in the mix.
 Can't wait for Thanksgiving! :)
 The kids played a little game of King of the Mountain on this hay bale castle.
 Max won!
(Zack has a little red band-aid on his head, because he fell in nursery at church this past weekend and split his little forehead open. He is healing nicely.)
 My mom and I decided to take the kids through the corn maze.
 It  turns out we are not very good at mazes.
 After ending up at more than one dead end and stepping through all sorts of mud and puddles I made the decision to cheat a little. I lead us off the path and through the corn. It was very much against the rules, but I was glad when we found our way out!
 Next it was pumpkin time!
There were all sorts of pumpkin varieties.
 Lots of indian corn and mini pumpkins too.
I bought a bunch for my fall table decorations.
 Everyone got to pick out a pumpkin of there own.
 Max picked out a green pumpkin, and Mia and Zack ended up with little orange pumpkins with long twisty stems.
We had a great time and the kids are already asking when we can go back!

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