Saturday, October 23, 2010

Up with me

Ty has been working A LOT! Every day this week was a 12 hour day. Max was home on Fall break so I had lots of time with the kids. It went surprisingly well. We had fun activities and little outings every day. My trip to the craft store last week paid off big time. My kiddos love projects! I tried out some new recipes and cooking techniques. We all ate very well :)
I am thrilled the weekend has arrived! I made it to the gym this morning. I just love cardio. I am looking forward to a little spiritual recharge tomorrow at church. School starts again for Max on Monday and he is really excited and ready to go back. He loves to be busy. I think this next week I will finally pay off my fine at the library, because I need some new reading material desperately! I am doing well and looking forward to the next few months. Happy Saturday!

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The Traylor's said...

Right now they have some program going to to forgive your fines!!!