Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Like a ton.....

....of bricks.

We moved to Tennessee 2 1/2 years ago so that Ty could study anesthesia. I feel like since the very start we have been racing full speed towards graduation. Now I have it staring me in the face like a wall of bricks and we haven't slowed down! Ty graduates on December 2nd of this year and we will be moving on the 3rd. This is where things get slightly complicated. We have a graduation date and a move date, just not a job or a destination. For now I am gathering moving boxes and planning for our somewhat obscure journey. Ty is working hard to secure a position. We are moving forward and trying to trust in the Lord. I am just hoping that brick wall is soft and cushy when we hit it.

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Jessica Newman said...

You could always come to Gunnison! :) there's a VERY small hospital here! -its definitely different from anywhere I've ever lived -so it's an adventure! And it'd be great to have you all close by :D