Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy birthday Mia!

Our little princess turned 3!
We celebrated today with a princess themed birthday party. I set up a princess station with massive "diamond" rings, pink necklaces, and...
I made chocolate cupcakes and covered them with fluffy pink frosting. (we read the book "Pinkalicious" earlier this week and pink cupcakes were a must!)
We played games; kiss the frog prince, musical thrones, and we tested each girl to see if she was a real princess. I read the Princess and the Pea and then each girl sat on a chair. I had placed a hard ball on the chair and put a pillow over the top of the ball. I asked the girls if the chair was nice and comfy. They all said, No! Our house was just full of Real Princesses!
Happy Birthday Mia! We love you :)

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