Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

 We kicked off our Halloween night with a fun dinner. Max helped me top our Frankenstein pizza. The sauce was a combination of alfredo and pesto. I told the kids that the garlic in the pesto sauce was to keep the vampires away!
 After dinner we pulled out the costumes. It was a last minute decision to throw Zackary in the giraffe costume.
 He is holding Lightning Mcqueen. Lightning traveled with Zack all evening and returned safely after trick-or treating!
 Max was a little pirate. A very pleasant, happy, candy loving pirate.
 The little people were all ready to go!
 Mia told me that she wants to be a fairy princess ballerina every year. We will see what next year brings!
Then they were off. They returned later with a ridiculous amount of candy. They had a great time.

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