Monday, June 13, 2011

Santa Monica

 We spent the day in Santa Monica playing on the beach and enjoying the pier. It was not a hot day. It was cloudy and breezy for most of the day, but we were still able to have a great time.
 Zackary loved running through the sand and chasing the seagulls. I had to keep a close watch on him.
 Max was eager to participate in all of the classic beach activities. He dove right into the waves and then Ty buried him in the sand.
 Zack came over and started rubbing his sandy hands all over Max's face and there was nothing Max could do. It was not very nice, but pretty funny.
 Max and Mia found this dolphin on the pier. Mia decided it was a baby.

 We took the kids for a ride on the carousel. They loved it.
 More Max in the sand pictures.

 Ty helped the kids build a sandcastle.
 Zackary decided he was king of the castle and kind of destroyed the whole thing. He is very good at destroying things!
 After playing in the sand the sun did finally come out and it was right about when things got really beautiful that my camera battery died! We walked on the boardwalk and made a stop at muscle beach. Ty impressed us all by climbing the ropes and swinging across the rings. He is so very strong :)
On the way home we stopped at In N Out and I had an order of animal style fries. Holy Cow! So terribly bad and so terribly delicious!
It was a great day. We are looking forward to our next beach trip already!


Rob and Kate Taylor said...

So fun, makes me miss California. Love the pictures and quick updates. Miss you all

Jessica Newman said...

HOW FUN!! And how CUTE! :)