Friday, June 24, 2011

Mcdonalds Morning

 I took the kids to our favorite Mcdonald's in Yucaipa for hashbrowns this morning. The playplace is huge, and as we found out today, completely deserted in the mornings!
 Everyone got to run around and play. I got to sit and read a little Rachel Ray :)
After breakfast we visited our little fruit stand and stocked up on strawberries and artichokes. Then we decided to stop by my parents house and pick some apricots. It was a very fun and busy morning.
 When we got home this is what happened.
I guess it was just too much for them!
I was glad for the time to work on my music for Sunday. We are going to be playing "Name That Tune" for m&m's. I made sure to buy several varieties of the candy. My personal favorite are the peanut and peanut butter, but so many kids have allergies so I got some of the regular and pretzel kinds as well. 
Looking forward to a happy and rested afternoon!

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