Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mia Masters the Slide!

We spent this morning out at the playground. Mia has finally mastered the ladder that goes up to the slide. She can scale it all by herself!
It takes a little bit of time and determination but she makes it.
This is super fun for me, because now I can bring a magazine to the playground and read while Max and Mia go down the slide again and again. Happy!
I didn't get a picture of Mia coming down the slide but this is her at the very end of it. Such accomplishment.

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Rebecca said...

I hate the playground. It's so much work because I don't let Lydia do anything by herself. I'm not an overprotective mom at all- until I'm at the playground. Then I become a psycho. Not fun for anyone. I've delegated the playground task to Ryan.