Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Opryland Resort

Ty came home early this afternoon so we decided to kick off our December by visiting the Opryland resort. Opryland is all done up for Christmas right now. It is our little Nashville tradition to go and see the lights.
Mia was very much asleep when we first arrived. After this stop at the big tree she woke up and was able to enjoy the rest of the evening.
I enjoyed the trip very much. For me it included beautiful lights, family time, and a free truffle from Godiva chocolatier!
The inside of the hotel is really done up with decorations for Christmas. I really liked this camel (He was part of a larger nativity scene).
Max found himself a little reindeer to love.
Max and Mia were able to e-mail Santa and receive an e-mail in return that told them both that he was excited to see them on Christmas Eve!
Outside the hotel there was a beautiful nativity scene. Ty told Max that the angel with the trumpet was Moroni :) It made me miss temple square, but for now we are happy to have the lights at Opryland!

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5L's said...

if you thought it was all done up now, i wish you could have seen what they used to do! it's sorta dissappointing to go now...years ago it was really done up BIG! they have done a little less each year it seems. :( great pics and you look fab for just having had a baby!