Sunday, August 24, 2008

Nashville Restaurant Review #1

I say number one because I hope that Ty and I will be able to go out on more dates, and visit more restaurants in the area.
Last night Ty and I had dinner at Woody's Steakhouse. It is the oldest steakhouse in Tennessee. I thought it was delicious. They bring you fresh bread, warm from the oven, with butter. I cannot resist warm bread with butter. The salad was fresh. The steaks were tender and juicy. Overall we had a very good experience. It was fun to be out just the two of us and have a dinner that we did not have to clean up!


Jessica said...

Hey Ty and Jessica!!! Ty, this is your long lost cousin - Jessica!! Grandma Newman gave me your blog address tonight so I HAD to check it out!! I seriously don't even know when was the last time I saw you - or even talked to you.

This is going to be great to keep in touch and see how your cute little family is doing. I have just seen pictures of your two kids - but never in person.

I have a blog too!! Whooo hooo!!! Although mine is private so I will be sending you an evite if you would like one of course. Grandma gave me your email address to - so hopefully it works if not here is mine -

Again, this will be great! Your Max and Mia are way to cute. I see a lot of your mom in Mia - Ty!

Oh, and as for your date - how fun!! It is soo nice to get out and be in the dating world - without kids of course. It is just a different vibe!

Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Jessica said...

Oh and - can you give me Natalie's email address too?!
Thanks tons!